Thursday, November 04, 2010

Diversity Thursday

Special election edition ...

DivThu mostly focuses on the Potempkin Kabuki Dance of Self Delusion that the Navy goes through to make the Diversity Bullies happy so they won't impact funding via their friends in Congress - but as 2010's election week comes to a close, there are some macro developments that need to be reviewed. I touched on them during the election-day posts, but let me extend the idea a little more. There is a Navy tie-in, but you have to read to the bottom to get to it.

Much of the moral argument for active discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color and national origin - which is what the Diversity Industry is all about - comes from a backwards looking mindset of grievance centered on some people's personal experiences 40 or more years ago. That and a numbers based sectarianism that only looks at end results instead of the larger reasons for things being as they are.

Logic has nothing to do with it, and any attempt to have a mature conversation about the reason you have fewer African-American males applying for officer programs may have to do with the significant difference in high school graduation rates than institutional racism are met with responses like this more than anything else.

There also has a fair bit of politics to do with it. Not all minorities, you see, are the same - some are worthy to the Diversity Bullies more than others. No one tracks Americans of Jewish or Vietnamese or Japanese DNA sources - and some even question if those from Cuba should be given the same preferential treatment as those from Puerto Rico - though both are mixed-race islands who happen to speak Spanish and are mostly of European stock not unlike southern France. Those discussions mostly take place on the Left. The home of Leftist politics is the Democrat Party. One way they have always tried to keep their voting blocks of little plantations of X-group and Y-group is by playing sectarian politics. Keep the "us-vs-them" attitude going.

That is why when the most loyal Democrat party group - Americans of sub-Saharan DNA sub-types - run on the Republican ticket, from Herman Cain to Michael Steele and others, the Democrats do all they can to destroy them. Most know what happened to Justice Thomas, but it happens in other ways all the time. You see, you can't get as much mileage calling Republicans racist if they have a "diverse" nature. Democrats have always done their best to keep the Republican politicians as white as possible. Ironic, but true.

The key is to keep parts of the most reliable Democrat voting blocks just that - blocks. The best way to do that is to keep them thinking in a sectarian mindset. That makes them easier to control and keep. You do that by at every step promoting sectarianism. The cheap way is to give them someone else to blame any and all problems they have, and to put yourself out there as their savior. You don't have to actually do anything helpful - just make the right sounds and keep pointing and yelling.

That business model has worked very well for a long time - but as of late it has required more and more effort to keep it going. Hence the logic disconnect between the reality of how the races work together in 2010, and the strange rhetoric coming from the Diversity Bullies that sounds more like 1970. When you combine that with an isolated leadership whose social construct with the general population was formed as young adults in .... 1970 .... and they have lived in a bubble ever since, then that helps explain a lot.

That is why I often say that we have a double problem in the Navy WRT Diversity - it has nothing to do with today's reality and it is highly political in its execution. That makes the cancer of its sectarianism even worse. If it made sense, you wouldn't have to force it. It doesn't fit, so you have to push and fudge in order to make it happen.

So, what does this ramble have to do with 2010's election? Well - we managed to undermine the Left's plantation walls a bit. There were over a dozen African-American Republicans who ran for national office on Tuesday, that is out of the 30 who ran in the primaries.

Out of that dozen, Scott of SC-1 and West of FL-22 won. Unlike some of the Gerrymandered "Districts of Patronage" set up around the country - these are not majority black districts. These are a great American jumble of people.

On the local level as well, you saw Republicans of all types win. A very good summary of them can be found here - along with an overall "minority-R" overview.

Two things make me the most happy. First and foremost, this reinforced by opinion of the inherent goodness and fairness of the American people - not just Republicans, but everyone. These people won in districts that were not designed around their ethnic group. They won on the basis of their ideas, not their race. As a matter of fact, they did not push race or ethnicity at all. Many of the "Hispanic" candidates refused to even bring it up at all - domestic PLAN SALAMANDER writ large.

That is the America I know. That is the Navy I want. That is what we deserve in 2010. Too many fought too long and climbed too many mountains of hate in the past to let us retrograde in 2010. Be judged by the content of your character, not the color of your skin or the sounds of the vowels in your name. That is where goodness and national unity will come from.

A lot more work needs to be done, but this election helps as it weakens the role of sectarianism in our political parties. All races and ethnic groups should be scattered through all parties - that way the discussion is on what works for all, not narrow-minded sectarian grasping for part of a bruised and scattered pie. Though entrenched and the Diversity Industry will not go down without a fight - the trend is in my direction towards a color-blind society. There will be bumps along the way, and institutions who have bought into sectarianism and discrimination - like our Navy - will be the last to make the move, but we'll get there.

Old habits - some based on good reasons long past - are hard to break. Emotion is a strong driver for many, but I am optimistic. This is good. This is right.

The Navy tie in is thus; by buying into the culture of sectarianism as pushed by the Diversity Industry, the Navy is involving itself in partisan politics and promoting division. Good luck defending that, because when you boil it down, that is what you are doing. Fairness and equality do not belong to any political party - do that and you are neutral. Engage and support the agenda of the Diversity Industry - which is overwhelmingly Leftist and Democrat - then you are engaging in politics; sectarian politics. Not a healthy place for the military to be, is it?

Next week I will return to a more focused view of the Navy's pursuit of all that is unclean in Diversity - but for now from both sides of the political aisle, we should all be happy. People don't have to be led or represented by someone who "looks like them." We have many more examples of good Americans just representing good Americans; as it should be.


Matt Hawks said...

Amen! Preach it!

Retired Now said...

I have a relative who is expecting her first child soon.    Here's the plan:

Give him or her an Oriental sounding first and middle name.   Then as they enroll in  1st grade & onward,  always check the box that says ASIAN instead of White/Caucasian.

I mean somewhere back there this must be true.  We ALL decended from the same family that deployed on Noah's Ark !

So, as long as my relative is 100 percent consistant, in always checking the ASIAN box,  the boy or girl will get an automatic GO TO THE HEAD OF YOUR CLASS when applying for jobs and future promotions.

If everyone does this,  then DIVERSITY will (hopefully) go back to hiring on BEST and BRIGHTEST, regardless of race.

BTW,  this could also work by following the " I'm part NATIVE AMERICAN" route.

CDR Ashore said...

Sorry.  Won't work. Just before I read this week's diversity Thursday post, I was looking through the national research council rankings of PhD granting institutions when I came across this diversity measure: 

Non-Asian Minority Faculty as a Percent of Total Core and New Domestic Faculty 
Non-Asian Minority Students as a Percent of Total Domestic Students

Some diversity is more diverse than others.


UltimaRatioRegis said...

Damn.  There goes my other alias.  Lee Park. 

But, since my great-great-great aunt on my mother's side was half-Native American, and my Father's father was first generation Polish, maybe my new alias can be:

"Running Bear Zdanowiec"

LT B said...

I told the hot young lady that had nympho tendencies towards jewish cowboys I was Tex Goldstein.  :)   Ok, old joke, but not everybody has heard it. 

LT B said...

I wrote this before.  I had a Chinese friend that won a minority scholarship based on merit and financial need from U of MD.  They then tried to deny it when she walked in the door claiming she was the wrong minority.  Yeah, that's not racism.

Mid Mom said...

Well said, Sal.

I have a dear friend, Georgian by birth and upbringing, National Merit Scholar, etc. admitted to University of Chicago. She realized early on, that her NMS test scores were well below those of students from NYC, New England, suburban Chicago, etc. She felt out of her league in many ways and believed quite strongly she was admitted because of where she came from. Special consideration. She is grateful for it and supports it. She still thinks the Current Occupant is the cat's meow.  What I think she fails to acknowlege is that NO teacher gave her special consideration once she got her foot in the door, because she came from rural Georgia.  Equality of opportunity is one thing, forced equality of results is bogus.

Actus Rhesus said...

Agree with Ashore.  There's a lot of documentation on how the diversity industry systemically excludes and even works to the clear disadvantage of people of Asian background as these groups are "overrepresented".

They've even dubbed it the "model minority" complex.  The Asian community, through cultural values promoting hard work and education, have done well assimilating as business owners and entrpreneurs, yet they are still victims of hate crimes, bigotry, and discrimination in seeking non self-employment.  However, when the community looks for help in addressing their issues, they are ignored because they are seen as successful and undeserving of assistance...because to those in power, the definition of assistance is "hand outs".

Also..."oriental sounding"? what exactly is "Oriental sounding?"

Acad Ronin said...

A little off-thread, and a little not. Check out:

It's a graphic novel about Navy medics, published by the USN.

sobersubmrnr said...

<span>"....the Potempkin Kabuki Dance of Self Delusion that the Navy goes through to make the </span>Diversity Bullies<span> happy so they won't impact funding via their friends in Congress...."</span>

I think there's another, more sinister reason. GO/FOs making the liberal politicians in Congress and the West Wing happy so they won't hold up that next star. Self before service.

<span> "Engage and support the agenda of the Diversity Industry - which is overwhelmingly Leftist and Democrat - then you are engaging in politics; sectarian politics. Not a healthy place for the military to be, is it?</span>"

Unhealthy is putting it mildly. A politicized military is downright dangerous. We now have a uniformed military leadership that falls all over itself to play politics. Years down the road, this could have serious consequences if a administration of the time decides to go for a dictatorship and a politicized Pentagon plays along.

DM05 said...

Just think, somewhere in diversityville, idiot zealots are continuing to complile melanain metrics. And getting paid for promoting institutional racism.

Great post on the currents of this idiocy.

As for me and my people, we're continuing the journey here on earth with this response;  Race = human.

Southern Air Pirate said...


I was just thinking about this post and realized that the diversity bullies view a few of the folks that just won as the classic term "Oreo's" or some other racist term for those that don't follow the party thought. This is the real shame of the diversity industry, is even when folks who have an opposing idea or differ politically from the diversity bullies (who primarly seem to be Dems), those different folks are treated treated as the "token" colored person who is put out there to run against the "correct" thinking guy.

Actus Rhesus said...

and while we're on the subject of diversity bullies...

So the lefty moonbats would join ranks with the likes of Iran and Cuba in condemning the US for human rights violations.

You know, I will not pretend I have never experienced sexism.  but at least I live in a country where when I do feel discriminated agaist, I have options that don't involve being stoned to death.

Therapist1 said...

Unfortunately my local candidate, Charles Lollar, lost to Steny Hoyer because the African-American vote abandoned him.  Nothing like throwing your own under the bus over "Party" and the future promises that will almost assuredly not be kept.

Aubrey said...

And that is the difference that the scary left does not want to acknowledge - in the US if you experience racism/sexism you have recourse to a robust court system.

In much of the rest of the world you have recourse to bubkus.

Yet we're the bad guys.  Huh. Go figure.

Anyone, any help as to why we are so "evil"?