Monday, November 08, 2010

A request for help ....

The last week was a rough first week for Valour-IT fund-raising as the background noise with Halloween and the election kind of sucked the O2 out of the air.

If you have not already - please click the Valour-IT widget on the upper right side of the blog and throw a few Shekels in. Also, if you know someone in your company who has a say in charitable giving, take some time to point out what Valour-IT is and what it does.

If you are or have ever been connected to the national security parts of our nation - then you should think double about it.



1 comment:

Surfcaster said...

I'm going to both scheckle and try to find the widget to host on my site and get some more scheklers to scheckel the fund.

Thank you for the reminder - been meaning to get to this.