Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunday Funnies


hajo-hi said...

That's leadership, isn't it? Your crew must never know that you don't have a f***ing plan either.

SoCal 91 said...

Leadership, in the military or in government agencies, is so much more interested in excruciatingly detailed PROCESS than in detailed PRODUCT.

I'm in a large gov't/military group, and we can easily spend 20 + hours per work week just documenting what we both plan to do for the next 5 days, and then on Friday, document in every so much detail, exactly what we HAVE done for that week.   Add in all the non-sense computer based training as well as ______ awareness day appreciation all hands,  and throw in the ubiquitous weekly status meetings and weekly progress meeting and the getting ready for quarterly review meetings,  then easily HALF our pay period is gone.

I am "trained"  on so much useless information about HOW upper managements considers this and that to arrive at their policies and procedures, that my brain has turned into pudding !

Like all 80 percent or so of our large organization (I'll just say it is gov't/military),  we are non-stop being indoctrinated at a level that only belongs at Corporate HQ, Washington DC.

Easily, without any exaggeration, all our various groups spend 50 percent of every day, every week, every month...  doing worthless and wasteful fluff.

Let's cut admin down to 10 percent of each payperiod, and then leave us alone for 90 percent of each day, week, month to perform some actual needed WORK.

Please cut out so much emphasis on PROCESS/ADMIN/FLUFF  and let's all work for better PRODUCTS.

I honestly think that every level of upper managment/leadership knows nothing about our PRODUCTS and can, therefore, only concentrate on spending too much time on PROCESS/ADMIN.

Both are necessary, but not in a 50 / 50 ratio.    How about 10 /90 ratio ?    Come on, all you leaders !   Quit wasting 40 hours per 2 week pay period.    Thank you.

Steeljaw said...

So with so many offerings from the govt-bailed out companies (GM/Chrysler), why does Ramirez chose to use a Ford in the cartoon?

Byron said...

Yeah, the only company that a) didn't take a handout, er, bailout and b) is showing a 4 billion profit? Maybe he bought a lemon from Ford once?