Thursday, October 28, 2010

Diversity Thursday

There is a classic battle being fought in New York City, one that demonstrates perfectly the problem we have.

The Diversity Industry and its cultural
Death Eaters come in three broad categories.

- First are the Money Bags who make their living promoting retrograde and outdated sectarianism - and get paid to speak at places like the USNA and the - ahem - command sponsored event linked above.
- Second are the True Believers who are mostly emotional people who try to apply the micro of their experience or what they have seen happen to others - usually decades ago - to the macro of today. Good meaning people - just myopic and wrong. Usually harmless, but when they get power they can cause a lot of damage as they punish the young for the sins of their grandfathers.
- Third are those who see Diversity as a religion. Fanatics in worst sense, they don't ignore you like a Money Bags, or get perplexed as True Believer do when confronted with modern facts of hard questions. No, like all fanatics when they don't get their way they set out to destroy. If they have access to power - they will use it in any undemocratic way possible to get what they want and validate their religion.

Meet one of the grand inquisitors of the Diversity Religion -
U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis appointed himself the city’s de facto fire commissioner last week by enjoining the department from hiring any new firefighters without his approval—and he will give his approval only to the racial hiring schemes he has already tried to foist on the department.

Mayor Bloomberg has courageously refused to cave in to the judge’s quota demands—a stance vanishingly rare in today’s politically correct world. His refusal is justified, both legally and as a matter of policy. Judge Garaufis’s rulings have been capricious and biased, creating new law while ignoring facts that undercut his radical new doctrines. And Garaufis’s ultimate goal—to craft a future hiring process based on racial considerations—would put the city’s residents at risk by making skin color as important a qualification for firefighters as actual preparedness.
BZ to Mayor Bloomberg. Sure, I have some issues with him from guns to trans-fat, but on this one he deserves all the support he can get.

If only our navy thought the lives of thousands of Sailors, billions of dollars of equipment, and the maritime security of the USA was as important as NYC sees putting out a fire in an abandoned building.

Hat tip xformed.


LT B said...

Didn't we just have a SCOTUS ruling on this mess?  I thought we addressed this with firefighter test scandal.  Hmmmm, I guess Constitutionality doesn't matter.

Aubrey said...

There's a quote from the show Mythbusters that is appropriate to that LT:

"I reject your reality, and substitute my own!"

The rallying cry of the diversity bullies!

LT B said...

So, if we are going to fall prey to our Cold War enemies and become communists/socialists, can we at least get the hot eastern European women?  There was the blues artist that sold his soul to the devil so he could play guitar.  What do we get, Walmart? I hope we get SOMETHING for selling our souls and living in dishonesty.  Because otherwise this would just be silly.

xformed said...

Lt B:

You sexist!  Heck, you can buy them now under the Eastern Block captialism program....or are you waiting for a Government give away program (funny, the old communists like the capitalism we are so earnestly rejecting)?

If you wait for that, all the hot ones will be gone, and you'll have to take the one the Feds provide to you....rationing, ya know....and it will cost you more than they say.

JAV said...

<p>Part 2
</p><p>-They have not had a problem recruiting hispanics, as their numbers continue to climb. Few women have passed the physical fitness test, but it is based on actual job requirements married to their SOPs, and has been validated in court.
</p><p>Boston's FD went through a similar hiring quota. For 20+ years white males with score of 100% on the test (105% w/ vet pref) were passed over in favor of blacks who barely passed. Once the BFD reached a demographic that matched the cities population, a judge lifted the order. A lawsuit was immediately filed to re-implement it, on the basis that the whites would be substantially overrepresented within 5 years, because test scores were still disproportionate, despite repeated changes to the testing process to favor minorities.