Thursday, October 07, 2010

Diversity Thursday

The mask slips in DC - and discrimination is enshrined at the Coast Guard Academy.

I have told you for years that Diversity has nothing to do with civil rights or the fair treatment of all Americans, just the opposite.

Diversity has everything to do with raw, unadulterated racism and sectarianism - red in tooth and claw. Where once bigot wore sheets - now they wear name tags with "Diversity" in the job title.

A national disgrace.
Buried in the annual Coast Guard authorization act passed this week by Congress is wording that would strike from the U.S. Code the statement that all appointments to the Coast Guard Academy "shall be made without regard to the sex, race, color or religious beliefs of an applicant."

Under current federal law the academy is "race neutral," but the change would put it on the same footing as other colleges and universities in balancing its enrollment by admitting students from specific groups.
Read the whole thing and wallow in the shame it brings to all of us.

Pathetic. Alas, the USCG Academy is lost.
Simply striking the sentence will not increase diversity, said Antonio Farias, the academy's director of diversity affairs.

"We have to get out there and recruit," he said Thursday. "Having the sentence simply gone doesn't mean more qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds will apply. What it means is it gives us latitude in how we shape classes so we're on par with the Harvards, MITs and other highly selective colleges that are not under a race-blind arrangement, and gender blind and religious blind. We have had all these blinders on."

Farias said minority students would still have to meet all of the qualifications, and then their background becomes a "plus factor," as it would for a football player or a cellist.
Yes, in 2010 we actively discriminate on the basis of race, creed, and color. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying to you - as an institution we admit it. Those who are promoting racist policies are not wearing hoods and sheets though, or brown shirts - but have Congressional parking spaces or have "Diversity" somewhere in their job title.

I hope they sleep well at night. If I were them I would vomit in disgust that I would sell my integrity so cheaply - but hey - maybe their price point is different. Maybe they enjoy abusing people born during the Clinton Administration for being born with certain DNA. Their conscience.


Salty Gator said...

Paging Dr. King..........

Retired Now said...

Hot Off The Press !!

USCG 2010 POLICY STATEMENTS ( 1 page each )

1.  Diversity Policy
2.  Equal Opportunity Policy
3.  Non-Discrimination Policy

Short 1 pagers, signed by the highest Admiral in USCG.    Can someone below the rank of Admiral read any contradictions in these 3 policies ?    



All 3 statements are dated 2010,  not  1984  by George Orwell.</p>

DeltaBravo said...

Cool movie.

First time as tragedy, second time as farce?

LT B said...

You guys are too sensitive.  They are getting the same points as a cellist.  What's to worry?  That dude needs a sock in the nose for insulting my intelligence and over developed sense of bull$h!t detection. 

Anonymous said...

Totally off topic: Did you see this?


CDR Salamander said...

Drunk people who don't know how to handle their drink do stupid things. The story here will be what Annapolis does. That is what I am waiting for.

Anonymous said...

I must be just young and naive, but I cannot understand how something like this can be approved without fierce debate or at least one person in the room providing some insight as to how this is blatant discrimination on the basis of race.  Who makes these decisions and who's holding (or more accurately stated "not holding") them accountable for their retroactive, discriminatory policies.  The worst part is I think the military is one of the least harshly affected domains by the diversity push that exists nationwide.  Our nation's emphasis and desensitization to flat out discrimination is the greatest threat to our country.  Think about it.. diversity focus in medical schools= less qualified doctors= decline in health care quality.  Diversity focus in the military= less qualified officer corps= decreased national security.  Generalized diversity focus at universities= marginalization of a large group of better qualified college candidates that no longer have the ability to contribute to the country what they once might have been able to contribute.

Is anyone else afraid for our future?  Someone please tell me who is making this happen.. the name Elijah Cummings seems to be my natural inclination.

Anonymous said...

Supe separated him on 06OCT10.  It's nice to have ADM Miller here, he actually upholds the standards.

C-dore 14 said...

It's always good when your first "public case" like this involves an easy decision.  Of course there are many folks who would have wrapped themselves around the axle because of the "wiggle room" that the judge provided.

Of course, I hope that the Mid realizes how lucky he was that the resident came to the door with an unloaded weapon (not the smartest COA in my mind).  There are plenty of locales in this country (see posting below) where he would have received two rounds in the chest when he returned with his weapon.

Anonymous said...

Elijah Cummings is indeed one of the driving forces behind this initiative. He's been trying to hold CGA's feet to the fire on its low numbers of minority appointments for the past three years. The trouble is, not enough qualified minorities apply to CGA. Whether it's lack of interest or they just haven't heard about it, the numbers are low. To "fix" this Admissions will now be able to look at race and take less qualified applicants based on that factor.

I don't think most people at the CGA were aware that this was coming; those I've spoken with were surprised. If you aren't familiar with CGA's layout - the office of the Director of Diversity Affairs is the closest in proximity to the Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent's suite; that speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

He would have died in my house.  The whole family know how to shoot and the dogs will either lick or bite you to death dependent upon if you smell like bacon or not.

Anonymous said...

<span></span>"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will <span>not </span>be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."-MLK

Seems like everyone missed the true meaning of his words...I am saddened that not only did no one put a stop to this, but that they thought removing that line, one specifically designed to STOP rascism and descrimintation, was a good idea. >:o