Thursday, October 28, 2010

Diversity Thursday II - USMC Boogaloo

The new Commandant of the Marine Corps, General James F. Amos has just questioned the integrity of every officer and NCO in the Marine Corps and has decided to make things better by lead the charge to bring back institutional racism - kind of.


From the CMC's Planning Guidance's retention portion;
Improve Diversity Representation Throughout our Corps ACMC, with DC M&RA & CG MCRC in direct support - chair a comprehensive review of the current diversity posture of and issues within the Marine Corps. This review will aim to develop a comprehensive, institutional strategy:
1) to improve the accession, retention and promotion of qualified individuals and 2) to foster immediate and marked adjustments for improved recruitment of minority Marines (officer and enlisted) along with their career development and mentoring. Upon implementation of an approved Service-wide strategy generated from this study, senior leaders will conduct periodic accountability reviews with CMC. (Due: 18 Feb 11)
Let me translate for you:
1) We have not done enough to improve the metrics that the Diversity Bullies demand. Stop looking at the best recruits and rewarding the best Marines - focus on the sectarian metrics.
2) Do what ever you need to in order to make our metrics look better. Again, I don't care about the best - I just want you to make it look different than it is because others tell me I need to.

When it is all done, I am going to sit down with you and we are going to look at your metrics. If I don't see preferential treatment to those racial and ethnic groups that I approve of - then you will be held accountable. You're a Marine, you know what accountable means. So, throw away fairness - I want you to stop looking at your Marines as Marines, I want you to look at them based on their race, creed, color or national origin and evaluate them differently because of their DNA. I want the metrics changed. I don't want to hear about fairness, equality, or any irratitating truths about multi-racial Marines or racial self-identification fraud. No, I don't care. I just want the metrics on my Diversity slides changed.

Oh, and all the CMC who came before me didn't care about racial and ethnic minorities as much as I do. The did not conduct accountability reviews the way I will. I am better than they were. I think you might be a bigot - that is why I want to see your numbers. So, start acting like a bigot by counting your Marines by DNA type .... and make sure you are ranking Marines appropriately too. I want to see that as well.
Sad, isn't it? The USMC and General Amos are better than this - and I don't think he thinks this way, but this is how it reads. This AM I have already had Marines send it my way with that concern.

Good news is that it is bullet #2 under priority #4 - but it is ahead of Review and Improve Transition Assistance, Examine and Improve Reenlistment Procedures, Integrate Behavioral Health Efforts, and Improve Personnel Administration. Small blessings, I guess.

My money is that it had to be in there somewhere. In this environment, he would be calling fire on his own position if he didn't bring it up - but it still looks like throwing virgins in the volcano and will directly impact people's career in the zero sum came that it is, simply for sectarian reasons.

Sorry CMC to personalize it - but it is in your P&G. Otherwise, I wish you the best.


Stu said...

<span>"The USMC and General Amos are better than this - and I don't think he thinks this way, but this is how it reads."</span>
<span>At what point do we simply accept the fact that either these guys believe this nonsense or they don't have the courage to speak up and/or resign. JOs have been voting with their feet for years.  It would be nice to see some of the leadership do the same.</span>

<span>Where have you gone, Admiral Denfeld. The Navy turns it's lonely eyes to you.


Grandpa Bluewater said...

One may hope there are enough good Marines who get pushed ahead by this, the wrong reason for advancement, that THEY will put it back to a meritocracy once the regime changes in a little over two years.

That's a lot to hope. but hope is all that is left in the ready service locker.

Disturbing and sad.

Salty Gator said...

Will be interesting to see the 2nd and 3rd order effects from this, and I'm not just talking about the Corps' ethos crumbling.  The CMC has gone on record, like his predecessor, against DADT being repealed.  Well, if you start marching in time to the Diversity cungas, you will be doing a fabulous shuffle soon when DADT gets repealed (and homosexuals become another minority that requires preferential treatment)!

I am scratching my head at how a man can be so ardently against homosexuals serving in the military as disruptive to good order, morale and discipline, but in the same breath undertake a campaign that will have equally, if not greater, disruption to the same?

If he does not agree with this and is simply "following orders," shame on him.  None of us are irreplacable.  We are all expendible from E-1 to O-10, GS, SES, ASN / SECNAV, etc.  If you don't believe in the orders, resign.  We don't need you THAT bad....

JLF999 said...

Infectious disease takes the easiest host first, then gathers steam...or I could reference non-medical and go with military and/or political strategies..
All the same.  Stalin would be thankful that "useful idiots" remain readily available.  The long term (and I mean LONG TERM) strategy of the enemy is truly showing its success.  "They" are so outside (yep, I mean't OUTSIDE) our "OODA Loop" that it is pathetic.  Brilliance for the long term with a lack of being selfish and looking to the defeat of the enemy down the road (after "I" am gone) is the strength of the enemy.  I could write a frikking book on this but time is...well; out for now.  For generation of overloading the comments section, parlance upon this.

Guest said...

So how long until CJCS Changes again? ADM Mullen has been there a while and this seems to be his pet project. Perhaps it will go away with a regime change.

Stu said...

I remember being told how things were going to return to normal when he was named CNO.  Same thing with Roughead.  These guys have all bought into this nonsense and/or they aren't going to "rock the boat."  This is the single greatest poison to our institution undermining all other facets of operations.   

LT B said...

CJCS is not the boss of CNO or the Commandant.  But POTUS is, so, there ya go.  Take a look at the post the other day about post racial president.  Not so much.

UltimaRatioRegis said...

Unfortunately, thus is the state of being a GO/FO under this regime.  Either accede to this crap, or you don't get the job. 

The logical conclusion of this entire line of behavior, from the VERY active participants such as Mullen and Roughead to those who do this reluctantly, is the same path taken by those who sat in the dock at Nuremberg. 

Those who resigned or refused to go along with the foolishness were executed, as were those that did go along.  But only one group kept their honor.

UltimaRatioRegis said...

<span>Unfortunately, thus is the state of being a GO/FO under this regime.  Either accede to this crap, or you don't get the job.  
The logical conclusion of this entire line of behavior, from the VERY active participants such as Mullen and Roughead to those who do this reluctantly, is the same path taken by those who sat in the dock at Nuremberg.  
Those who resigned (Beck) or refused to go along with the foolishness were eventually executed, as were those that did go along (Keitel, Jodl).  But only one group kept their honor.</span>

Stu said...

<span>“Sgt. Maj. Kent is the third straight black Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps in a row,” he said to a round of applause. "</span>

Disgusting.  Akin to "I have black friends."

The FOGOs have all bought into this sh!+.

cdrsalamander said...

Boomers.  They really need to spend more time talking to those in their 20s.

Outlaw Mike said...


Curtis said...

Any minority readers/posters at the blog?

DM05 said...

Treating people right to institutionalizing racial metrics in a public organization; epic fail. 

cdrsalamander said...

Define your terms.  What percentage of what meets your requirements?

Southern Air Pirate said...

I am a minority. I am a military brat, a military veteran, I have religious views, I am left handed; those are just some of the markers that the diversity industries have tagged me with. There are a few others, but they aren't worth mentioning right now. Anything specific your looking for in your diveristy markers?

Salty Gator said...

I am both disabled and a minority according to the Diversity Bullies: 
Minority:  left handed, taller than 6 feet
Disabled: heterosexual, conservative, military veteran

cdrsalamander said...

So, I guess you will stop trashing Republicans and Tea Party types as well........ :-P

Salty Gator said...

Plan Gator would get rid of Social Security and re-institute tar pits:  when you are too old and are no longer of value / worth to the herd, into the tar pit!

We may need a bigger tar pit though.....lotta boomers out there, and they became useless a little earlier than expected.

Salty Gator said...

So it is kinda like Obama care, except you don't have to rely on a death panel.

Salty Gator said...

haha......I said cungas.  You can't march to cungas, though...maybe sache, dance, form a congo line, something else.  but no marching.

Darkwaters said...

Just in time to shove the latest group to the head of the line - homosexuals, once the DADT policy drops.