Monday, July 19, 2010

What CNOs should be doing

I don't know what the CNO's PAO is doing ... but this story is hard to get hold of outside the biking world - even then you have to go to the French press for much detail.

Sure, a snarky person could say that this it is a funny time, during the Tour de France, to show up in France .... and to find your way to
Lance Armstrong's bus. But, the CNO is the guest of his French counterpart, and the French know how to host - boy do they know how to host; a couple of great sea stories (that are best not discussed here) - so this set-up is correct.

As for timing, you could also note that this is right after 14 JUL, which is the French Republic's 4 JUL. That is a good time to visit France, because French officials are happy. This is right.

I would also note that France is a nation whose navy can actually partner with us towards efforts that are in our national interest. They are a serious nation with a serious navy. This is good.

When you consider some things the CNO has invested his time in - I take this as a return to seriousness. Then again, the French Admiral Pierre-Francois Forissier did visit the USA earlier - followed up with giving the CNO a medal, so it is only proper manners to pay him a visit.

Nice; for what ever reason. I hope he was able to spend some time in Paris as a civilian. I have a restaurant list second to none, but sigh, he didn't ask.

Hat tip Kevin.


YNSN said...


In the winter I will be hitting you up for that list...

CDR Charlie Brown said...

Well, since you asked CS... I arrived here in Paris today. CNO just arrived here for meetings the next couple of days at French Navy and Joint HQs. He'll be talking with French and Paris-based US media on Wednesday. 

He was in Toulon this weekend and was briefed at the French Navy's Med HQ, and visited a French Navy LHD, an AAW Destroyer and their carrier today, and he told me he was impressed with all he saw. The CO of the French LHD, coincidentally, had previously served with CNO.

For latest on CNO's trips, you can also check out his Facebook page at

Very respectfully,
CDR Charlie Brown

CDR Salamander said...


Thank you for rising for the bait. I'll update with a post. I am not kidding about the restaurants. If you want the list, drop me an email.

Steve said...

Ahh.  Where do smashed sandwiches smothered in pomme frittes and hot mustard fall on that list?  Memorable  moment from Toulon...Irish Pub, listening to a Zydeco band from New Orleans while teaching the barkeep how to make a black and tan.  He had the clover in the foam perfected before we arrived.