Monday, July 26, 2010

In a just world ...

Herman Cain would have been elected Senator from Georgia ... and he would be in the White House.

A man who accomplished so much in his life, understands the economy, and does not need a teleprompter.

Better than anything, he is a
Southerner. Sigh, what could have been.

Ed @ Hotair,


GJB said...

Just a Black Man doing his thing!!

Anonymous said...

How in the heck to we elect a community organizer president over a guy like this??

Retired Now said...

Yeah, I've listened to this gent quite alot on radio shows past few years.   He's really squared away.   

Concerning the president we have right now,  maybe we could have a "Recall Election" ?   Like California did 8 years ago ?

They recalled then governor Gray Davis and replaced him with Arhnold Swartzneggar.    

Not certain that Arnold was any more fiscally responsible than Gray Davis, but the idea of a Recall Election might help Mr. Obama, who keeps saying that he expects "to be held accountable" for his actions as president.   

Oh well,  we can dream of a bett