Thursday, February 25, 2010

Diversity Thursday

Ah yes; from the most honestly titled periodical in the business, DiversityInc.

Lookie who is getting facetime with the Commissariat?
Visconti: What are your long-term plans for the academy?

Vice Adm. Fowler: We will continue to reach out, and it’s not about a number. There is no goal. But in my mind it just makes sense … that we have representation as close to the demographics of America. The Naval Academy, with everything we have to offer, should be very close, and it may take a generation to get there. Our enlisted force took a generation to get to where it was up to looking like America. But we need to get there before we really need it. What happens to most people is you don’t invest in something that you know is happening like the [changing demographics of] America, and then you need talent and you’re not getting it.
Hook, line, and sinker on a debunked racialist theory founded in sectarianism and division.

In some ways you have to feel sorry for them - kind of like those who believed in the global warming BS from East Anglia University. They thought they were supporting something that was important and real. Good meaning people, led astray by bad science and agenda driven ideologues - many with a financial hook in it.

You try not to make it personal - i.e. their ideas that they promote that is the problem - not the people. After awhile though - especially when you are dealing with smart, well educated and informed people - when they continue or double-down in supporting a debunked and dangerous fraud - it does become personal, in a way. They really give you no choice. Sorry; not may fault.

Look back at Fowler's boilerplate. How does his statement align with all those PPT slides we have seen? How does that match with the dual-track admissions process and special considerations? How does that mesh with the "Number 1 priority?" Does he not see that when you say something to one group that is not in alignment with your actions and the things you say to another, that your credibility evaporates?

Oh, but it gets worse.
"People are the key. All we acquire and all we do is of little worth without the people who give it value. Our policies must reflect the diversity of our nation. Our policies and practices must enable us to attract, recruit and retain the men and women of America.

Our policies must address the many rewards of service in the United States Navy, and we must be unwavering in our obligation to take care of those who serve our Navy, military and civilian, and their families."
-Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations.
So, we will refuse entry to the Enlisted ranks and certain Ratings to avoid over-representing some minorities groups, right? No, that is not what he means.

Must is a word that when it comes from a 4-star means order. Orders come from power. Power is force. Goals under force are quotas.

Not to be overtly disrespectful, but Fowler and Rougheaad really are the poster-children for the "not getting it branch" of the self-flagellating Baby Boomer generation. The ones who are willing to pollute the minds and sacrifice the professional future of innocent younger generations in order to satisfy their own generation's guilt.

Yep, DiveristyINC's - I still laugh at that title - March 2010 "
GovernmentAgenda" gagglefest of racialist hate and self-loathing - Guess who is headlining it? Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations.

This whole DiversityINC embarrassment brings something to mind. Remember Admiral Mullen's wildly inappropriate comments in Jordan last week? Well, he had a little epiphany and got one thing right.
"You will find as you get older and more senior, finding out what's really going on at the deck plates becomes much more elusive than it used to be when you were sort of living there," he said.
Admirals - the elusiveness is the same with your Diversity madness. The young Sailors, Midshipmen, and officers live diversity - and have no use for Diversity.

Race and ethnicity simply is not an issue in getting the job done - except when it is shoved in their face through speech and actions by others - others who usually have a paycheck and/or ego involved in keeping friction and divisions going.

These young professionals want to be judged and rewarded based on their qualifications and character - not something so useless as race or ethnicity. In addition to promoting division over unity - you force mixed-race Sailors to choose one part of their DNA over the other - we are not AKC purebred dogs, we are human beings in all our glorious American mixture. And for those who are morally challenged we also promote self-identification fraud as well.

Shame on us all, and scorn on those who recommended this cancer under the threat of PC smearing to our leadership.

Our Navy deserves leadership that truly does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, or national origin. By association with DiversityINC and affinity organizations - regardless of intentions or desire - you support discrimination.

Fact. Shame.


Over-the-hill-spook said...

Saw this headlined in this month's USNA WaveTops newsletter was once again reminded why I shred those alumni association fundraising letters without even opening them. Senior leadership continues to chug the diversity kool-aid. (I respect 'bug juice' too much to accuse them of drinking that nectar of the gods).

DM05 said...

You never fail to help me through another Thursday. The bile from corporate work - in an industry bho wants to own & constrol - is usually flushed quickly, and replaced with nauseating USNA/diversity fluid. What a farce the senior leadership of the Navy has become worshipping at the altar of discriminatory political correctness and boomer guilt. But hey, we got our D1 football....and our funding....and our diversity directorate...That there are good young, American Sailors on the deckplates doing their job and living Navy blue diversity every day warms this old squids heart. For those in the game, heed the words Phib's so articulately shares, and fight within intelligently. That these politicians in uniform are able to "believe" and spew their garbage publicly, and impacting a fighting institution, disgusts so many of us. Well traveled here, but others -young service members - will pay when it counts while they'll become well paid bandits or directors elsewhere. They're losers that should be fired now and I remain ashamed - an ancient concept today - of them. Take your swords and go home, you've dishonored yourselves.