Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maritime Union: "Arm us."

Even the unions have signed on for Plan Salamander.
The following letter dated Feb. 16 was sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. The letter was signed by American Maritime Officers National President Thomas Bethel; International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots President Timothy Brown; Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association President Don Keefe; Seafarers International Union President Michael Sacco; Marine Firemen's Union President Anthony Poplawski; and Sailors' Union of the Pacific President Gunnar Lundeberg.

On behalf of the American merchant mariners our organizations represent we respectfully ask that you work with us to develop and implement the programs and policies necessary to protect U.S.-flag vessels and their United States citizen crews from acts of piracy. Despite efforts over the past 10 months, American mariners face an ongoing threat. As American crews simply attempt to do their jobs they must remain vigilant, never knowing exactly when these international criminals will initiate illegal and perhaps deadly action against U.S.-flag ships. As evidenced by the frequent incidents against ships from various nations in the Gulf of Aden and in other waters near Somalia, it is no exaggeration to state that mariners' lives are in constant peril.
Our organizations continue to work with American shipowners and government agencies to ensure mariners have the training they need to help repel pirate attacks. However, these non-lethal measures alone are not enough as piracy becomes more sophisticated and deadly. American crews need and deserve to have their government standing shoulder to shoulder with them to combat this ongoing threat.
We agree that international patrols in high-risk waters, international conferences and meetings -- including those of the United Nations' CGPCS (Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia) -- and international aid efforts can all help bring attention to the problem and may ultimately lead to long-term solutions. However, until there is an effective international response in place, the United States Government should act forcefully to protect U.S.-flag vessels and their American citizen crews. For example, our government should continue to work with U.S.-flag vessel operators and American maritime labor representatives to put in place the most practical and effective deterrents against acts of piracy against U.S.-flag vessels. Second, it is extremely important that our government be prepared to respond, as it did so effectively during the situation involving the Maersk Alabama, with speed and force each time a U.S.-flag ship is attacked and the vessel and its American crew are taken hostage.
We further believe that our government should not consider after-the-fact legal actions against U.S.-flag shipowners who, as a last resort, pay a ransom to secure the safe release of their American citizen crews as the best solution to the problem of piracy. It would be unconscionable for the United States government to turn its back on or to dictate that America shipowners turn their backs on the American merchant mariners who willingly sailed into harm's way in service to their country. We are proud that throughout our history American merchant mariners have served with distinction as our nation's fourth arm of defense. America's merchant mariners never have and never will shirk their responsibility to deliver the goods whenever and wherever needed. For this reason, we do not subscribe to an international call for mariners to boycott the waters most at risk to attack by pirates. Rather, we believe that just as land-based criminals know they will face strong and swift retribution when they attack innocent victims, we believe seaborne pirates should know they will be treated no differently.
A plan to repel and fight piracy must be as forceful and as unrelenting as piracy itself. We suggested immediately following the attacks against the Maersk Alabama and Liberty Sun last year that the most effective step that can be taken in response to aggressive action against U.S.-flag ships and their American crews is for our government to provide U.S.-flag vessels with the on-board armed force protection necessary to repel acts of piracy. We remain convinced that this approach still represents the most effective course of action that can be taken.
Nonetheless, we appreciate and strongly support the recent decision by the Department of Defense to assist U.S.-flag vessel operators in contracting with private security forces for U.S.-flag vessels carrying military cargo in high risk waters. We ask that all agencies of the Federal government immediately follow the Defense Department's lead so that all U.S.-flag vessels transporting military as well as non-military government cargoes receive the same type of support.
In conclusion, we thank the Administration for its efforts and support for the U.S.-flag merchant marine and for American's merchant mariners. As representatives of America's maritime labor organizations we remain ready and willing to continue working with the Administration to bring an end to piracy, once and for all. This only can happen if the United States and other affected nations apprehend, prosecute and hold accountable the pirates for their criminal acts.
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SCOTTtheBADGER said...

It's finally Naval Armed Guard time?  Please?

Anonymous said...

Well, the US Navy could have put an end to this foolishness months ago. Instead of steaming around at great expense watching bad guys just bob away, they could have sunk a few.

The ROE sucks. We're far more willing to kill our Afghan allies (even under new ROE) than we are to engage the very scourge for which the term "outlaw" was coined.

Old NFO said...

Allow the Merchant Marine to either arm themselves or put Navy/Marine Dets on board while in pirate infested waters.  While they're at it, destroy the pirates home bases.  I can't imagine the Marines would even break a sweat destroying their infrastructure and sinking everything in port.  Rather than trying to protect each ship on the sea, park a few ships off the coast of Somalia and stop and inspect everything that goes in or out.  Sink anything that doesn't stop at once.  Maybe an amphib in case the pirates need smacked around on land.  They are the equivalent of roving street gangs and we have the US Navy!

The question needs to be "What would Teddy Roosevelt do?"

John said...

I believe that John M. Browning has provided us with a fine solution to this problem.  About six Ma Deuces per merchantman, and a bit of training on how to use them and problem solved, as long as the ROE allowthem to fire on any approaching vessel deemed to have hostile intent.

Thrown in a large "gun safe" secured to the deck for secure storage when not in pirate infested waters and that should eliminate any hassles when in foreign ports where people are scared of guns.

DeltaBravo said...

I'll take "use a big stick on Eyl, Kismayo and Ras Kamboni" for 800, Alex.

ewok40k said...

When even the unions want guns onboard, it's the final tme to install them. M-2s should do the job fine!

LT B said...

That's a WHOLE lotta coast to sit on, and since I go out in white ships, not gray ships I can speak to FP Dets.  They are under manned and over worked.  We either need to make more or hire contractors to man dets on the merchies.  But I like that they have gotten together and sent up the request.  Good deal.

AW1 Tim said...

M-2's plus side arms for the crew, doled out by the 1st Mate.  Maybe add a half-dozen AT-4's to the mix to counter the RPG's.

ewok40k said...

no need for AT-4s with M-2 asvanced fragmentation/incendiary ammo... more range and accuracy and enough firepower to sink most dhows and/or fast motor boats