Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Today's special Midrats: The Navy Media Ecosystem

Remember, we have a special Midrats today at 2000 EST/1700 PST. Different day and different time - but you're sharp cookies, you can figure it out.

We will be coming to you live from the USNI & AFCEA sponsored
2010 West Conference & Exposition in San Diego.

Join Galrahn, EagleOne and me as we review the highlights of the conference so far, and then roll in to our topic -
the Navy Media Ecosystem; from blogs to the traditional media, how we discuss our Navy.

Special guests will be William M. Miller, III - Publisher at the
United States Naval Institute, and Philip Ewing from Navy Times.

We will be taking callers the entire hour, so don't be shy - give us a call at (347) 308-8397.

Join us!
Speaking of the conference - pop on over to USNIBlog for entries from all of us on what is going on. Yesterday was cyber day .... good stuff, read it all. However, don't read my stuff I posted there last night until you put on your AFDB.


MR T's Haircut said...

I need to start paying attention to the brief and the card of the day, I tuned in 1 hour too late... missed the RDVU time!

had problems establishing comms and then I see I missed!


Tugboat said...

For anyone who reads these and blows it off, I was doing some drafting work last night and tuned in; it was surprisingly more entertaining than I thought it'd be.  I recommend logging in and listening if you haven't before!