Monday, February 08, 2010

Watch your PIIGS

Hat tip Brussels Journal.


Outlaw Mike said...

I can't speak for France, but the danger of Belgium going bankrupt is grossly overrated. By and large, because of the Belgians' habit of saving quite a lot, the major banks have a sound base for lending. I mean of course the indigenous Belgians, and also mostly the ones in the north. Ahem.

SPAIN, however, that's another matter.

SPAIN is a PRIME example of what happens when socialists take over a country. Six years of Zapatero have completely OBLITERATED all the good work done by Aznar. Unemployment is now again 20%. Well, let them sit on their own blisters. Perhaps they can console themselves with their fancy gay marriages/adoptions + the fact that chimpanzees and gorillas will soon be able to vote.

Outlaw Mike said...

Possibly chimpanzees and gorillas vote smarter than indigenous Spaniards.

AW1 Tim said...


  That may well be possible. I very much enjoyed my time in Spain, and at one point had thought of possibly retiring there.

   However, you are quite right inthat the socialists have nearly ruined the country.

   Personally, I am more concerned with Great Britain. That nation's head-first dive into socialism and nany-statism is almost at an unsustainable level. Britain has a huge problem with immigrants who will not assimilate, will nhot work, yet demand welfare support.

   I can easily see Britain facing both bankruptcy and a civil war in the near future, if things don't improve there very quickly.

ewok40k said...

"Whatever" from Poland - we still have own national currency, due to fact snobbish euro club was talking us down on the deficits, and now we got only rising GNP  in the EU... But talk of euro crumbling is waaay overboard. US dollar is in much more precarious position, imho, should the Chinese dump their US bonds. But i am just amateur so dont mind me.