Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hey fatbody!

Yep - time to cut the low hanging fruit .... again - and let's shame them too! Quality - pfaw! CNP is not a fun job is it?
Issue: PRIMS/FITREP Check of Officer Promotion Results
Discussion: FY 2009 selects were checked for Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) failure against data in the Officer Assignment Information System. Few officers were identified with PFA failures that were not previously identified in the PFA Separation Process that commenced in September 2008. Beginning with the FY 2010 O6 Line and Staff Select Lists, the following process will be implemented: Once the Select List is announced via ALNAV, the names/last four SSN will be checked against Physical Readiness Information Management System (PRIMS) check and FITREP PFA entry data check to determine status. If either the PRIMS or FITREP data reflects a PFA failure, promotion will be delayed until such time as the discrepancy is corrected or the member is in compliance with PFA policy.

Desired Effect: Ensure officers with failures registered in PRIMS are not promoted without further adjudication.

Action: None. FYSA only.

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