Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brown shirts and rainbow flags

Most of you know that I am very much in favor of ditching "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" for "Don't Care."

I have no problem with homosexuals serving openly, just expect to be treated the same as anyone else when found utilizing a fan room in an unauthorized manner.

I have received some very kind emails over the last few years from those in the gay activist community - and a few other negative emails on my views, but mostly I leave the subject alone. The reason is that the gay community is letting the fascist fringe take the lead.

Look at the reaction to Miss California. Look at the Prop8Maps, and finally look at what it has created. People in the public arena feel they no longer have to talk about the issue - they can just joke about killing those who happen to have a valid and honest disagreement with them.
Shadow leader of the House of Commons Alan Duncan was appearing on BBC comedy show "Have I Got News For You" when he made the gaffe.

Mr Duncan, who had earlier in the show revealed his ambition to become Home Secretary, was discussing American Beauty Queen Carrie Prejean's belief that same sex marriages were wrong.

And the MP called her a "silly b***h" and said "If you read that Miss California is murdered you will know it was me".
The leading supporters of homosexual rights have become what they accuse others of being; violent, close minded, intolerant fascists. Silence is approval - and the homosexual community is silent on this, to their great shame.

So, I do not address this issue often for that reason. If the reasonable people will remain silent, then so will I.

Oh, another reason to be careful what you wish for - if the Diversity Bullies get hold of the post-DADT reality, then I will regret everything. If they rub it in everyone's face as opposed to just letting everyone get back to work - then you will have a problem. If everyone just gets back to work, all will be fine. Something tells me though, given the institutional cowardice we have shown towards the Diversity Bullies and their debunked theories, that a post-DADT Navy will not have a smooth transition. Hope is my plan.....ungh.

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