Thursday, April 02, 2009

Diversity Thursday

I'm not dazzled by brilliance; therefor I must be .....
Navy Earns Award for Efforts to Find Right People for Total Force

By Lt. Cmdr. Elizabeth Zimmermann, Navy Diversity Directorate
ATLANTA (NNS) -- The Navy's Strategic Diversity Working Group (SDWG) was honored at the 10th annual Summit on Leading Diversity March 17 for its vision and contribution to the Navy's ability to effectively support the nation's maritime strategy.

Recognized as one of the top 15 organizational diversity councils in the country, the Navy SDWG has made strides in improving recruitment and retention of a diverse total force.

"The work of these top councils elevates the overall significance and value of all councils," said Janice Bowman, president of the Association of Diversity Councils. "The strategies, tactics, activities, commitments, results and achievements they have identified help to set the standard of excellence for diversity and inclusion councils on a national level and provide inspiration for all who are on the front lines of diversity and inclusion every day."

"The Strategic Diversity Working Group's efforts result in improved communications amongst enterprises and communities, enabling synergy of effort and sharing of best practices," said Capt. Ken Barrett, director, Navy Diversity. "Working together ensures a coherent, compelling, consistent message throughout and external to the Navy, and our efforts have resulted in exponentially increasing awareness and outreach across our diverse Nation."
Dang - two squares from Bingo ..... maybe if I read the whole thing....

Hat tip BUPERS Spy.

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