Thursday, April 30, 2009

Diversity Thursday

CAP'n posted an oldie but a goodie the other month;

“There is no black Navy, no white Navy—just one Navy—the United States Navy.”

Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt Jr. USNA ’43,
“Equal Opportunity in the Navy”(1970)
.... and Admiral Zumwalt cried.

I found myself in Byron's backyard a little while ago, and I was tooling down Roosevelt Blvd towards 295 when the dark blue, dare I say Navy Blue, Trans Am behind me ripped over to the left and passed me in the outer lane. Then I noticed the license plate.


That is what we get when from commissioning we soak these officers in debunked 70s era racial theory. We divide ourselves, promote conflict, and debase our entire organization.

Imagine a plate that had "WHT AV8R" and was parked in a XO or CO parking spot. Would that be good for the USN? Why is BLK AV8R belonging to any officer or enlisted member any better?

Shame on all of us from the CNO on down - and shame on that JO's leadership from his XO on up for not explaining that plain fact of the racist nature of his vanity tag to him.

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