Thursday, April 23, 2009

Diversity Thursday

Ummm.... isn't this sexual discrimination?
A pilot initiative, known as the NavyWomen eMentor Leadership Program, has gained momentum, exceeded expectations and helped build productive relationships for females in the fleet.
"We were somewhat surprised at the number of women who immediately signed up," said Lt. Hope Brill, deputy director, Navy Women's Policy Program. "It became quickly apparent that this was not only going to be popular, but that if it was successful, we'd have to find ways to expandaccess."

Upon entering the one-year pilot program, participants took part in customized Web-based matching to establish relationships. They then were able to access electronic communication capability, newsletters, mentoring guidance, references and other online tools with which to develop those relationships.
Of course, it would be if there were a men's program - right? Hmmm, that would be where?

Then again, we could just have a NavyBlue mentoring program, like - you know - we do for all our Sailors regardless of their DNA; right?


As an extra bonus, check out the goodie LBG sent from the WaPo of all places. Much more cowbell.

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