Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NB: they ain't putt'n this on the VISBY

These MIW ships were all built between '84 and '92.
The introduction of the upgradedLandsort-class MCMVs.

The key elements of this new MCMV concept are new combat management systems, search radar and fire control systems, as well as new sonar and new ROVs.

HMS Koster and HMS Vinga have already been handed over to the end customer, FMV (the Swedish Defence Matériel Administration). The next step is when they are commissioned for service with the Swedish Navy.


Now HMS Koster will head this newly upgraded series of five vessels, which are designed to meet today’s most stringent requirements. It means that the Swedish Navy has acquired a modern mine countermeasures system with a new generation of subsea ROVs, advanced air defence capability and extended mission capability.
Koster-series provides the Swedish Navy with new vessels at the cutting edge of technology. It is Kockums that has been entrusted with the upgrade of five former
In case you don't know, the VISBY was once a candidate for what became the LCS - that is supposed to do MIW, we'll see.

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