Saturday, March 07, 2009

U2 starts to tire me ...

When it comes to the Phibian music collection - about as pop as I get is my full catalog of REM and U2.

I don't know - U2's music is great and the "fastest U2 song evah" nature of "Get on Your Boots" is kind of catchy ... but ....

The video is just pathetic. Bono mentions that it is about him playing Dad in the South of France on the eve of the Iraq invasion in '03. Yawn. You can read more here.

Back to the video. Give it a watch here as it won't let me embed.

Half-way through all I could think of was the time I finally turned to the right. Watching all the a55hattery during the Pershing and Cruise Missile protests in the '80s got me researching more on my own and realized that either these people don't think beyond the first question - they are pushing something they really don't want to talk about - or are willing to let someone else run their agenda for them.

Bono has had nice things in the past to say about the US and even George Bush - so I wouldn't call him an a55hat or moonbat. His heart is in the right place about Africa, he is right thinking about taxes .... and he really liked the USA when we were a victim (I see a trend here) -- all in all he has a good heart and I like the guy.

But .... the thing is - this boilerplate anti-American and anti-American military symbolism just gets old after awhile - and U2 is better than it. Over the last hundred years, Americans bled to keep France and Britain from the German/Austro-Hungarian hordes in WW1 to start with. What would Europe look like now without the US blunting the post-Russian front closure surge to the Western Front? Poland and the Baltic Republics wouldn't even be here, etc.

What if pre-41 we sent no weapons to Britain? What if post-41 we had a "Japan First" doctrine? What if we let the Russians bleed themselves all the way to the Rhine?

What if the entire Korean peninsular was as North Korea is now?

If we look to the former Warsaw Pact - would those former captive nations have what freedom they have now if the American military left Europe by 1950 - much less be part of a Western security alliance as they are now?

The millions of dead Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians post '75 - would they think we were wrong about the Communists? If the Democrat Congress didn't stab them in the back in '75, then South Vietnam could be on par with South Korea today and a few million Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians buying U2 MP3 instead of, well, being dead or never born.

Would Bosnia or Kosovo even exist without the USA and our military? Ask them. Would Europe have done that on their own? Would over 50 million Iraqi and Afghans have a chance of freedom?

The only place misery has followed the American soldier has been when we have quit from Southeast Asia to Somalia. If you want to protest - protest that.

Bono is Irish. What have the Irish done in the last hundred years but allow the bloody thuggery of sectarianism on their own island? Sure, they throw in for non-kinetic "hide in my FOB" UN operations - what what permanent peace have they helped bring as the US military has to Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, etc; and ensured in all those places since '45? Sure they are small - but even the "Armies with Nation in Captivity" Belgians, Dutch, and Poles fought in WWII to defend the West.

Individual Irish fought with the UK and USA (and do to this day) - but the Irish nation? Noooooo --- still snotily refused to involve itself with any cause the British were. Heck, last year was the first time the Irish even recognised their people's contribution to the fight for the West in WWI. Protest that.

Bono - spend some more time on your home country ... and stop pi55ing on the nation's military that has enabled your desire to do good works by a lot of its 300+ million citizens buying your music.

Are we perfect? No. Do we deserve such a characterture? No.

Bono - what happened to this from earlier this decade right after 11 SEP 01?

Oh, right --- it is important to be invited to the correct parties. I understand.

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