Thursday, March 12, 2009

Diversity Thursday

Looks like the Marines have been too clever by half.

As you know, we have been directed by higher powers to take Diversity into account in all we do. So, in that spirit - we all know about the CINC's speech on Iraq at Camp Lejeune a few weeks ago, you can watch the whole thing here - the above is a screen shot.

As we learned with the LINCOLN incident, backdrops do not happen by accident. Let's play Diversity Bully, shall we?

If we look at things through their eyes, the USMC is 60% black - 40% white - UNK % Hispanic (this artificial creation is always difficult to judge due to self-identification fraud and it can be anyone from any DNA source) - 0% Asain. It is also 60% female and 40% male.

You can get the actual demographics of Camp Lejeune below.

Kind of pathetic, isn't it? Someone with a STAT degree tell me the odds of getting that mix by accident - because the odds are about the same as me making CNO methinks.

You can get all the Marine demographics here.

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