Monday, March 09, 2009

Enemies domestic?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; ...
Uhhhhh, ummmmm; ungh.
On Thursday, March 5, a bill was introduced in the Connecticut state legislature, and immediately referred to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary. It targets one – and only one – church in the state, the Catholic Church, and would strip the bishops and priests of the state of any power to exercise administrative authority over their parishes.
What it does is,
...remove the authority of the bishop and pastor over individual parishes and put a board of laymen in their place.
I'm not Catholic, but I come from a line of Catholic refugees from newly Protestant England. The Supreme Court will eventually kill this - methinks (yea, I thought McCain-Feingold would get nuked too) - but one way or another, the residents of Conn. could save themselves the court costs by - if you will pardon the pun - killing this before it is born. The links above will point you the way if you are so interested. The K-of-C are getting their funny hats on about this; you will have good company.

Here is the pathetic part of it. The things some are willing to junk a fundamental freedom for.
Raised Bill No. 1098 is a committee bill and does not bear the names of any individual sponsors. Both co-chairmen of the committee, State Sen. Andrew McDonald and State Rep. Michael Lawlor, are outspoken proponents of same-sex marriage in Connecticut and have been critical of the Catholic Church’s opposition to both civil unions and same-sex marriage.
Those are the same type of people that will make it difficult to get rid of DADT (that I believe should go away) because those are the people that will want homosexual couples in the military to get the same benefits as married couples (base housing etc) - and as a result make it a bloody mess. Watch.

Before anyone yells me about going political or such - I don't think this breaks that line (being that I am on my personal computer in non-reg PT gear) - actually I think this is the least I can do.

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