Monday, August 11, 2008

Maritime Strategy Monday: The Arctic

Here is one thing not mentioned by the good BBC review: Russia is on one side; NATO (USA, Canada, Norway, Iceland, Greenland/Denmark). Ponder.
British scientists say they have drawn up the first detailed map to show areas in the Arctic that could become embroiled in future border disputes.

A team from Durham University compiled the outline of potential hotspots by basing the design on historical and ongoing arguments over ownership.

Russian scientists caused outrage last year when they planted their national flag on the seabed at the North Pole.

The UK researchers hope the map will inform politicians and policy makers.

"Its primary purpose is to inform discussions and debates because, frankly, there has been a lot of rubbish about who can claim (sovereignty) over what," explained Martin Pratt, director of the university's International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU).
Get the whole report here.

....and who said the 21st Century was going to be an Army/USMC century....

Hat tip gCaptain.

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