Thursday, August 28, 2008

MSNBC's 1120s

Salamander quote of the week. See the bold.
CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me ask you Mike: are we to, to place the credibility of you as a pundit on your belief, that you've just asserted, that the Clintons will vote for John McCain?

MURPHY: Absolutely. I really believe Hillary Clinton will vote for McCain. Look, they're friends. [Crowd boos]. Ah, come on, don't shout me down: let me talk. I mean come on, this is,
you guys are so in the tank we ought to be filming this on a submarine. The fact is, Barack Obama, to his credit, has moved closer to Hillary Clinton and John McCain on foreign policy, Hillary and John McCain have worked --
Read it all over at NewsBusters, or just watch the zoo below.

Having your credibility called into question by "tingle leg" Chris Matthews. At least, as usual, Harold Ford has class.

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