Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chairman Obama

For most of the month I have just said, "Feh" to all the over the top Obamanations out there. I have grown to be used to the Democrats' Icon-of-the-Quadrennial worship.

I also have gotten used to Sen. Obama's "...it's America's faultl..." and ""...ain't the Commies grand..." babble --- but this bit just sent me over the top. See the full pic and the context at the link, but why have we degenerated into 1930's Socialist Realism with the Obamatons? It lessens the seriousness of the candidate, demeans his supporters, and feeds into the stereotype that today's Leftists are just the same as the old Leftists. The Obama campaign seems to have embraced the suck through their posters and such offered here, here and here.

I all reminds me of the MaoCult and other such manifestations of secular personality cults. Why fight it? Here is my contribution.

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