Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Creative editing of the insecure

Who are the most insecure group of people in the Navy? Why, the Diversity Bullies of course! Hey, I keep hitting these guys because based on the email I get, both sides seem to enjoy the spectacle of me pointing out the undefendable being promoted by the mal-educated and forced on the defenseless.

Here is the latest chapter in the foolishness. As a starter and in order to give VADM McCoy the benefit of the doubt that he deserves - I fully understand that all Flag Officers must cow-tow during the Diversity Kabuki Dance. It's OK, we are all a bit afraid of the Commissariat.

One always get one pass on mentioning Diversity - after all, all pagan gods demand their little sacrifices. Out of the box, we get a nice fluffy "First 100 Days" rudder command as he took over NAVSEA. If you look at the video, transcript, and PDF you can see the incantation,
This means recruiting, developing and retaining a high-performing, mission-focused workforce. It means valuing a culture of Diversity.
I guess that just isn't enough for his Diversity Commissar. No - the Party demanded more. In a twisted way of revising and extending his remarks, this line was added to the PDF handout that is being mass-emailed.
Embed diversity as a fundamental operating principle.
Heck, they fiddled with his words even more in the trifold, substituting the above added quote with two things he never actually said. The first we can call a paraphrase and give them a pass, the second though...
Build and value a culture of Diversity.

Continue Diversity awareness, outreach and accountability initiatives.
Nice -- notice the extra goodie? "...accountability initiatives." Very nice --- no threat there, is there? No promotion of job security, now is there?

What, one sacrifice not enough? The spoken word of a 3-star didn't get your quota-mongering fix? Is VADM McCoy aware that there is this difference in his words as published? Why was the change made? Who recommended the changes? Did he approve it, or is his N1 Staff free lancing their own agenda or that of his Diversity Commissar?

I think we know, but it is fun to as the question anyway. If you have not already, you should read it all. Nothing new, nothing shocking, and just a little bit of Non-Stavridis approved verbiage like the almost untranslatable,
...develop an actionable Competency Alignment Implementation strategy...
Heck, I did this post so fast I probably only caught half of it.

We should all wish VADM McCoy the best of luck, as he has taken the Con at a moment of great peril. I hope he brought a Broad-Axe.

Hat tip NAVSEA spy.

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