Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Team Obama: look'n like America?

From the Navy's own brainwashed Diversity Bullies to the general jelly-bean counting genetics and melanin fetish mongers - we are constantly beaten over the head with diiiverrrrsityyyyy.

The Left sees this as almost a long as only other people have to obey the rules that make the Diversity Bullies feel so self-important.

From The Economist a classic case of, Diversity for thee; but not for me.
On domestic matters, Mr Obama has assembled a team of sharp academic economists who premise their work on his supposed ability to sell sophisticated policy. Most prominent up until now has been Austan Goolsbee (pictured first left above), a University of Chicago professor whom many expect to head a President Obama's Council of Economic Advisers.
Mr Obama's newly appointed economics director is Jason Furman (second left, above), an economist in the Clinton administration and a top aide to John Kerry in 2004.
The biggest name among them is Tony Lake (third), Mr Clinton's national security adviser, who taught the ex-president how to salute and who toiled to bring peace to the Balkans.
Susan Rice (fourth), Mr Clinton's assistant secretary of state for African affairs, is a possible national security adviser.
Foremost here is David Axelrod (fifth), the man who made “change” into a campaign theme. His consultancy helped elect two mayors in rough-and-tumble Chicago, and he can deliver a punch: he was once accused of producing an ad that made an opponent resemble Hitler.
His campaign manager, David Plouffe (sixth), a former aide to Dick Gephardt, is disciplined and parsimonious, overseeing the amassing of the biggest political piggybank ever seen and orchestrating Obama victories in small, organisation-intensive caucus states.


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