Saturday, July 19, 2008

You are a racist - move on

Over the last few months is should be clear to all that of the many things Sen. Obama (D-IL) may or may not be - he is not the post-racial candidate.

What ever you may do, if you do not support Obama you are simply a racists. If you have not reached the point where that work means nothing to you, then you need to get there. Allah pulled a perfect example from the Gov. of New York.
Governor Paterson, delivering a speech today at the NAACP’s 99th annual convention at Cincinnati, suggested that the defeat of Senator Obama in the presidential election would be a victory for racism in America…

“Can America reject the crucible of race that has dictated and pervaded all of our history to embrace an African American man who has the right polices for the next decade in this country? Can America overlook its past practices that were so grave that in 1820 the great Scottish Whig, Sydney Smith, writing in the Edinburgh Review, said of America: ‘How can they protest the tyrannies of Europe when they torture and brutalize one-sixth of its population?’ How can America get past this and elect an African-American president of the United States?” Mr. Paterson said.

He continued: “Can America go past the crippling way that we’ve shot ourselves in the foot over and over, denying opportunity to people who are bright, to people who are qualified, to people who are able because they didn’t look like us, or they didn’t come from where we came from, or they are from a different gender, or they are from the African continent? Can America push that away and find new leadership? We’ll find out in the next few months what America can do.”
Once again, we are not talking about issues here, just genetics and tribalism.

If you think that if we elect Obama that we will have somehow cleansed ourselves, you could not be further from the truth. Any and all opposition to Obama's agenda or refusal to get on board the post-election honeymoon; you will be called a racist. Any opposition leader or individual will be called a racist.

Roll up that in the real policy goals WRT affirmative action and its lieutenants, and no - you will not start a new post-racial period in the USA, just the opposite.

If Obama did not have all the racial baggage and the "r" word is not already being honed as a weapon against any and all of his opponents (just ask Sen. Clinton's supporters) - then maybe we could move forward.

You have a choice, either support Obama; lie to others about where you really stand and vote, shut-up, or prepare yourself to be branded a bigot. You don't have to be White or Asian either - I watched a Black Army Sergeant Major get a load of grief for being a McCain supporter.

No you know why Democrats came out so strong against Ken Blackwell and Michael Steele. You want to get beyond race - it will take Black leaders who have made that step themselves. Sadly, Sen. Obama seems to be stuck in Rm. 222.

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