Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tim sees LPD in LCS future

Tim just spanks LCS like no one else.
ANOTHER MASS MEETING IN MARINETTE. If you are going to be needing a hotel room or a rental car in Northern Wisconsin this week, forget it: there's another mass gathering of incompetent people scheduled for Marinette. This time, there will be even more of them than last time, because this time it's not just all the people with some involvement in the LCS 1 program: there are gangs of Navy muckety-mucks going along to kibbitz. Well, July in Wisconsin makes a pleasant break from July in Washington DC. The latest developments include the cancellation of machinery trials - apparently they think that all the necessary machinery trials can be completed dockside. Clearly, they are desperate to get the ship out before it's iced in, regardless of how incomplete it is. Then it will linger around Norfolk for a couple of years, running up cost-plus expense, until all the deficiencies are fixed, just like the first LPD 17, the "San Antonio". The Navy never learns, does it?
....and don't think he doesn't get under their skin - he does like few others - the main reason is that he is spot on more than most, and really knows his business.

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