Saturday, July 19, 2008

US Military: looking like America

Yep, I'm lashing out today. Let me roll up two things. I'm going to go there - as ordered.

First, as directed by the CNO and beaten into me by the Diversity Bullies - I take diversity into consideration in everything I do.

Next, Sen. Obama's unprecedented internationalization of his campaign encouraged by the sycophantic media is simply shameless on its face.

So, holding a campaign rally in Kuwait, this photo is making its rounds, as is this one.

Using the larger picture.

37 identifiable Soldiers. Roughly six are White/Asian/Hispanic. Seven are unidentifiable. ~24 are predominantly of sub-Saharan African decent.

Is the USA 65% "African American?" If not, then why is the backdrop? Who is going to be responsible to explain to Sen. Obama the importance of Diversity? (Actual percentage is 13.4%)

To quote the CNO,
"When the American people look at our Navy they should see themselves reflected back. It ties us more closely to the citizens from whom we come but also ties us more closely to the citizens who we serve," Roughead said.
I cannot stand this subject - but what you rub in my face sometimes gets blown back in your own. Goose - Gander; sauce for all.
UPDATE: GBS mentioned it in comments - and I have failed both you and the CNO by not taking Diversity into consideration in all I do. More examples from youtube here and here. Seeing reality so you don't have to.

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