Thursday, July 24, 2008

DB Sweeney: on the right team

It is easy, very easy, to throw stones at the lack of support of the military and the goofy cr@p that 21st Century tinsel town produces - but there are good people out there when you dig around some. DB Sweeney is one of them.

Check out the 17 JUL PodCast from the DennisMillerRadioShow like I did and hear what he is doing for the military and giving everyone a sneak-peek at his movie, Two Tickets to Paradise gratis. Good interview over at DirtyHarry'sPlace (Part 1 and Part 2)

Here's the trailer - or you could just buy it from Amazon. It's a buddies-on-a-road-trip comedy/adventure that features Ed Harris, Moira Kelly, John McGinley and, of course, Sweeney himself. The payoff for the trio of buddies is two free tickets to a Super Bowl in Miami. Just two. Dude flick.

Here's LBG's clip. BZ DB.

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