Saturday, July 05, 2008

A quick note on Sen. Helms (R-NC)

He as passed on.

In my misspent yet highly entertaining youth that I have not and shall not provide details of, ahem, I spent a bit of time in North Carolina - usually in places where I probably c0ckbl0cked Chap a few times while he was busy trying to prove how hipper-than-thou music-snob he was (just kidding with 'ya there pal) to some Goth-in-transition L.U.G.

One thing that I found so interesting in N.C. was how many people would defend Sen. Helms, but who shared little of his politics, but would vote for him anyway. The reason for these people was on average, to roughly paraphrase.
"At least I actually know what he will vote for and why. At least I know where he stands on issues. Mostly though, I know that if I need help from Sen. Helms, he and his staff will be there for me."
They would then go into a story about a friend or a relative who couldn't get the time of day of their Mayor, State Rep., or other minor official on a problem, but they would get a reply from Sen. Helms office - and action in short order.

That, I think, is a great compliment to a politician. Rest in peace.

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