Thursday, April 17, 2008

Navy IG: policy in line with priorities?

Let me, with the utmost respect, deference, and a little lick-spittl'n - humbly approach The Grand Inquisitor ... I mean the Navy Inspector General's webpage.

Funny thing; using the logic that the Navy beat into me, I wanted to check out their Mission.
Mission: Inspect, investigate, or inquire into any and all matters of importance to the Department of the Navy.

Vision: To be viewed as “the conscience of the Navy” – making a difference, adding value at ALL levels through proactive assistance, advice, and advocacy.

Guiding Principles: To support the Department of the Navy in maintaining
the highest level of integrity and public confidence we will:

* Provide candid, objective, and uninhibited internal analysis and advice.
* Emphasize integrity, ethics, efficiency, discipline and readiness -- afloat and ashore.
* Perform with the highest standards of ethical leadership.
* Be an advocate of Quality of Service for Sailors, Marines, civilian employees, and their families.
* Always exercise fairness, impartiality, and timeliness in accomplishing our mission.

That is good. Like that.

Additionally, from the
Investigations page we have this;
Within the Naval IG, two separate divisions handle allegations of

* Fraud;
* Gross waste or inefficiency of government resources;
* Abuse and misuse of authority /power/position;
* Mismanagement;
* Substantial and specific danger to public health or safety;
* Procurement irregularities;
* Reprisals (Military Whistleblower)
* Wrongdoing by senior officials; and,
* Other matters of interest to the Secretary of the Navy.
Good. Well put. Follow the link to "Special Investigations" and you see more that make you say, "Yea, that sounds right."

But (you know there is always a but), let's go back to the front page and look on the right side under the opening banner (click here for the screen-shot if it has been changed).

Two issues after reading the above; (1) Knowing the Mission and what the Investigation Divisions do; since when has the Diversity Diktat become #3 priority? (2) If it is #3, then perhaps we should reference the PRESENT CNO's guidelines. You know, ADM Roughead's from
FEB 08, the one with the picture I like so much. Just can't get away from the Diversity Bullies, can you?

The link on the page is for the Diversity Statement from FEB 07 by ADM Mullen, is so, well, unbecoming for an organization that demands detailed records, like from travel claim details, from everyone else.

Attention to detail. Maybe someone should tell the Navy Inspector General or better yet the Navy Inspector General CMDCM that we expect the best of our betters - at least from their web page.

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