Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How many divisions does the Pope Have?

I love this. Just want to get naked and roll in it. Only in America (and I mean that is a good way).
After President Bush and His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI addressed the crowd, the U.S. Army Chorus performed “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”
This video is of his speech, I highly recommend it. It ends right before the U.S. Army Chorus leans into it - but it went like this (I can't find the U.S. Army Chorus anywhere singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic - but these guys will get the idea across). This guy, nosomuch.

Got to love that song, even if it is a Yankee song. Just to be fair and balanced - and in honor of the flag behind the Pope and Prez ....

Oh, and the answer to the question is at least 14. About 10 Active Duty Army, and 4 Marine.

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