Saturday, April 05, 2008

Best GWOT commentary...

In a time of Redacted et al, this may be the best you will find in Hollywood when is comes to commentary on the times we are in. Heck, it may be the best racial commentary as well.

Oh, you may want to put on the headphones for this and send the kids to the other room.

I never claimed to be a perfect man. Harold and Kumar are, sad to say, one of my secret pleasures. A way at looking at some of the touchy bits of America - with a fun-house mirror, stoner-film POV.

first was funny - I think this will be even better.

Speaking of movies - I got in another argument with a non-military friend the other day who just couldn't understand why a combo of Rescue Me and Battlestar Galatica show what being in the military is like. I still say it is true - he still thinks JAG is close ... no hope, is there?

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итак: восхитительно!! а82ч