Saturday, April 19, 2008

Costs more per pound than Skippy's ex-wife

Heck, it may be Skippy's ex-wife for all I know.

In deference to my "sensitive readers" You are warned.










Lucian Freud's one-time muse was paid £20 a day to sit for a painting expected to fetch more than £17m.

But Londoner Sue Tilley said she did not do it for the money and had "lovely lunches" with the artist.

Freud's 1995 work, Benefits Supervisor Sleeping, looks set to become the most expensive painting by a living artist when it is sold in New York next month.
That is almost $35 million. Is that what you want covering your wall? And the model is all happy about it as well.

Like we talked about last week; art isn't anymore.

I'll take my c.
1930 80x100cm painting of St. Godarduskerk in Bekkerzeel (Beckerzeele), Belgium any day. Heck, getting that thing across the pond in one piece could be defined as art.....

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