Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Best LCS article of the week

Just because of its brevity. From The Colton Company,
There's a mass gathering of incompetent people in Marinette WI this week, trying to work out what to do about LCS 1, which was launched in September 2006 but which will now probably not be delivered before the spring of 2009, if then and if ever. Endless test failures, mostly involving this simple ship's ludicrously complicated engineering plant. Where will it all end? Is it time to recognize that this design just doesn't work, and terminate the program? Then, let's fire everyone in PMS 501 and sue Lockheed Martin, the world's most incompetent shipbuilding contractor. There was a reason that the old Lockheed got out of shipbuilding - they were no good at it - but apparently nobody now remembers that.
Anyone have the detail on that meeting in open source? I can't.

Hat tip Mike.

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