Monday, March 03, 2008

Will Hugo go?

Venezuela moves 10 Divisions to the Colombian border; Ecuador deploys additional troops to the Colombian border as well. Why?

Well, Colombia did what it had to do and gave the #2 FARC leader what all Communist terrorists deserve, 62gr of justice.
A top commander of Colombia's left-wing guerrillas the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) has been killed in combat, the government says.

Colombia's Defence Minister described the death of Raul Reyes as the "biggest blow so far" to Farc.

Reyes, 59, also known as Luis Edgar Devia, is the first member of Farc's ruling secretariat to be killed in combat in the group's 44-year history.

He died with 16 other rebels during an attack near the Ecuadorian border.

Reyes was killed in an air raid followed by a ground operation, Defence Minister Juan Manuel Santos said on Saturday.

The rebels had been in a camp 1.8km (1 mile) on the Ecuadorian side of the border across from the province of Putumayo when the attack was called in, Mr Santos said.
No. Like anyone who has been in a bar fight in South Florida will tell you - there will be much posturing, yelling, and chest thumping - but with the 300# Bubba named Sam sitting at the bar watching the two bantam weight Latins facing each other off - Hugo won't throw the first punch.

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