Thursday, March 06, 2008

Confusion & incoherence

"My bigotry is better than yours," that is about the only way you can read this comment.
81 percent of Scioto County's Democratic voters, nearly all white, stood with Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose campaign was reborn Tuesday after beating rival Barack Obama, 54 percent to 44 percent in Ohio.

Obama did best among blacks who also turned out in greater numbers than in past Ohio primaries. He got backing from nine in 10 blacks.

"There's no sense pretending that some prejudice and intolerance isn't there," he (Governor Strickland (D-OH) )said. "But the bigger story is that an African-American and a woman have been embraced by huge numbers."
Much happiness on my part to watch the mind polluted by the Diversity Bullies twist itself into self-inflicted knots.


On a Navy note, do you ever notice that much of the Diversity FOD that you ingest into your nogg'n reminds you of that junk that used to come our of the Politburo's propaganda arm and its Political Officers back in the day?

The one thing these shared was a disconnect from reality and a logic confusion and incoherence of thought. Even the CNO is infected as covered by Bubblehead. Also, via reader Chris, you should look at this jewel from the Reserves.

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