Saturday, March 29, 2008

Salamander, returning.

Well, that was a break and a half .....

I only had a few minutes a day that I could check UNCLAS email and I still have a fair bit of catch-up to do. Reading through the comment, it seems everyone had plenty to keep themselves busy and the steam up.

So, what broke through the background noise for me over the last week or so? In no specific order...

The host of the Olympics this summer brought out something interesting. I guess it is a nice multi-mission platform; you can use it for a fire or Tibetans;

- How many MK-71’s could you buy for all the money and time (time being the most critical) that we pissed down the dream-hole over
ERGM? An idea many saw, rightly, as a “I will gladly pay your Tuesday …..” Once again; the evolutionary are told to sit down and shut up to the revolutionary - the the revolutionary failed. They failed again – now who gets fired?

See Freedom? I did, it's called Fitna. Funny thing; all it did was show the truth - and all "the right people" either don't want to show it or want to kill it. Remember that next time they ask for some of you freedom for a little protection they will provide you. Michelle, LGF, Allah, Ace, GatesOfVienna, and of course Jawa were raising the standard high and proud while I was gone on a project (the Dutch as the Canary in the coal mine for Europe) that I have been reporting on since I started this blog. If you want to see it, you can follow the above links and check where it is in comments, wade through the pr0n on PirateBay, or just DrawMohammedWeek where I took her out of mothballs for this post.

Al, you're are needed in Huron.

Think you have some JOs in need of a little more deployment time and a little less self-esteem and narcissism? Ha! You don’t have anything like this jewel. An Army of One, indeed. Roll narcissism and too much self-esteem - bask it with some cluelessness mixed with economic ignorance of the time-value of money - and there you go!

Mike reminded me that at least Japan knows how to fire people where we promote them … and they left the little sword at home at least.

A great way to stick a finger at the Middle East. We should be so lucky

About Stufflebeam, the irony is who the Navy’s IG is - something Skippy and I could babble about if we had extra O2. Bubblehead covers it well with his commenters.

Remember Yankee Sailor? Check out DestroyerMen. BZ to his CO, ISIC and others. Nice project. Put it on the blogroll.

Finally, I missed what was a great opportunity while I was away. Sniffle. Good thing is that we had the A-team (without MTH...) take advantage of the opportunity to hang out with VADM Morgan on the smoking sponson talking about the new Maritime Strategy. Check out the transcript to see how Galhran, SteelJawScribe, and Eagle1 did. Sniffle.
BTW, I am trying to get an national award, but as Sen. Obama (D-IL), might say, I am a "typical white officer" and am having trouble getting nominated. So.....I tried this. What'cha'think?"

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