Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rinse, Repeat

Let me quote myself,
From my little perspective, let me offer some free advice to all; the first through 30th reports will be wrong or skewed. Much to most all of what you are reading is just wrong to clueless guessing - as would this post if I tried to chew on any of the specific details that are available open source.

In time, the story will come out, and it isn't now. Full stop.
If you are making up your mind about what the story is WRT Admiral Fallon by what you read in the Washington Post, NOT, or anything derived from them - especially their speculation about Iran - then you are a fool.

BLACKFIVE is close to the right tone all should have, but if you are looking for a cudgel, you won't find it there or here.

Don't throw away your credibility in this election year fever swamps. If it isn't a primary so8urce, ignore it. If it is a primary source, wait until about this time next year to read more into it than there is. Best bet, wait for Fallon and Gates' book to come out in '09 to '10 - if they put one out.

Oh, my wish for the new CENTCOM; General Mattis, but you already knew that.

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