Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Does anyone care?

You have an officer who has a distinguished, but otherwise standard issue career path through Flag Rank. He gets promoted to Vice Admiral, 3-stars - but soon after his promotion is fired in disgrace due to the "command climate" he created with those he works with and those who work for him.

Due to the short time as a VADM, he has to retire as a Rear Admiral, 2-stars. After his military service though, he runs around claiming to be a 3-star. When challenged, he bluffs or waives his child's medical record in the questioner's face - or goes old-school old-school Shoe on them.

Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) is at it again - he is misrepresenting his rank. It is all in the official U.S. Navy Register if you want to check yourself. He continues to allow his staff and other refer to him as a "retired VADM" when there is no question that he is a "retired RADM." I would give some a pass if they didn't want to rub the fact that he was fired by the then Chief of Naval Operations and now Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Mullen - but to let him get away with misrepresenting his official rank is just wrong.

Follow the Sestak Label for the details of his pathetic Sea-Lawyering during the 2006 election - but I won't let it pass.
No one else may give a d@mn, but I do. It is a disgrace and shameful act on his part - all because his tender ego can't deal with the fact he was fired and forced into retirement when his chickens came to roost on the corpses of the bodies he build his career on.

Once again, Sestak laughs at you and in a way, lies to Senator Clinton.

What can I do? Well, maybe this time I will email the Washington Post Ombudsman and see what happens. I doubt anything - but I will give it a go. Maybe you can try too....
Hat tip readers Dave & Pete.

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