Wednesday, August 02, 2006

US NCOs pass the torch

This will probably be the most unreported action in Iraq.
The latest cycle of Iraqi troops graduated from the Iraqi Army Noncommissioned Officer Academy here, about 45 miles south of Mosul on July 25.

The class was the last of a series taught by U.S. instructors from the 11th Field Artillery Regiment.

The latest Iraqi NCOs will now return to their units as trained leaders, while Iraqi cadre at the academy prepare to take full responsibility for future training here.
You want a sign of success and hope? This is it. A professional NCO corps is the bedrock to any successful military. Even more than solid Senior Officers, without professional NCOs, you have nothing. I would have no problem trading a OK XO and two pack/pack+ Department Heads for a top-notch Command Master Chief.

We trained the trainers, now they have it. Good luck.

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