Friday, August 18, 2006

Fullbore Friday

USS Juneau (CL-119). OK, 5"/38 gun may not be "Fullbore" but when you have 12 of them.....

She is a classic example that when war initially breaks out, the Navy, its ships and Sailors go in harms way as they are, where they are, and do what needs to be done. At the outbreak of the Korean War, she was classified as "CLAA" as in Anti-Aircraft. Note:
When the Korean War broke out on 25 June, Juneau was one of the few ships immediately available to Vice Admiral C. Turner Joy, Commander of Naval Forces, Far East. She patrolled south of the 38th parallel to prevent enemy landings, conducted the first shore bombardments 29 June at Bokuko Ko, destroyed enemy shore installations, engaged in the first naval action 2 July when she sank three enemy torpedo boats near Chumonchin Chan, and supported raiding parties along the coast. On 18 July Juneau's force, which included British units, laid down a deadly barrage on enemy troop concentrations near Yongdok which slowed down the North Korean advance southward.

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