Thursday, August 31, 2006

EuroCluelessness cont.

You have to read foreign media to understand the disconnect. They really do not understand America.
Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed New Orleans and killed hundreds of people, has made US citizens far more aware of the environment. Green has become fashionable even among conservative politicians and the religious right.

Four words illustrate where debate about climate change is headed in the United States: "What would Jesus drive?"
Most observers attribute this to last year's disastrous hurricane season which brought death and destruction to New Orleans and the eastern coast of the US with the storms "Katrina" and "Rita." The west of the US meanwhile battled drought and a dramatic increase in forest fires.
Who are they talking to? Have they actually been to the SE USA? Do they know anything about hurricanes and their history in the SE USA? Oh, wait. I see the problem. Look who they are talking to.
Al Gore, former vice president and failed Democratic presidential candidate, has also made an impressive comeback with his climate change film "An Inconvenient Truth" which has astounded critics by vaulting into the top ten of the US movie charts.

Gore has vigorously denied that his film is a bid for a second Democratic nomination for the presidency. But a number of Democrats and liberal media are presenting him as a contender. "The film does make a powerful case that Mr. Gore is the sort of person who ought to be running the country," wrote New York Times commentator Paul Krugman.
No wonder most in Europe have such a limited understanding of the US. Expect better from Der Spiegel.


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