Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Islamic Republic of Belgium

People sneered when we said it would come to this. Though it sounds like something out of some looney pulp-fiction SCI-FI novel; it is fact.
But then the Socialists began taking note of Belgium's Muslim community, some 500,000 strong. In Brussels, notes Joël Rubinfeld of the Atlantis Institute think tank, half of the Socialist Party's 26-member slate in the city's 75-seat parliament is Muslim. In the commune of Molenbeek, longstanding Socialist mayor Philippe Moureaux has made Halal meals standard in all schools; police officers are also barred from eating or drinking on the streets during Ramadan. The Socialist Party was also, improbably, the leading opponent of a bill that would have criminalized the denial of the Armenian genocide. This, too, is a product of burgeoning Muslim-Socialist alliance, as is the party's routine denunciations of Israel.

All is not lost though, but in the funk, read it all to see who is now the supporters and anti-fascism (Islamofascism, natch) and strong supporters of Israel.

Oh, and here is another fact to run by the EU types when they comment about American crime.
Amid a pervasive and growing sense of lawlessness -- Belgium's per capita murder rate, at 9.1 per 100,000 is nearly twice that of the U.S. -- the murder became the occasion of much national soul-searching. When Jean-Marie Dedecker, a senator from the ruling Liberal Party, opined in an op-ed that "policemen look the other way in order to avoid being accused of racism," he was rebuked by Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt for "inciting hostilities."
BTW, if you are not stopping by OMC's place and Brussels Journal at least once a week, you are stealing from your brain. The best way to keep up with the rear-area actions of the Global War we are in.

While you are at it, read the Brussels Journal now to see what they are trying to do to Paul.

Hat tip The Corner.

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