Thursday, August 03, 2006

MSM ignores Islam's bioweapon - polio

We have one of two things going on at the NYT's 'lil sister, the International Herald Tribune: (1) Amelia Gentleman or (2) the editor, wants a promotion to the major leagues - so don't dare say the "I" word or the "M" word. Here is opening line and push:
The head of the World Health Organization's polio eradication team has warned that India could reinfect the rest of the world with polio if a new outbreak of the disease is not rapidly brought under control.

Officials are concerned by an "alarming" rise in the number of polio cases in the impoverished northern state of Uttar Pradesh, which has always been a troublesome epicenter of the disease.

Because of the unexpected surge in cases there - with 121 cases recorded by the end of July, up from just 12 in the same period last year - India is now the only country in the world where the incidence of polio is growing.
The extreme poverty of Moradabad, the dismal sanitary conditions of the villages there, and the high intensity of the population makes the job of the vaccinating teams exceptionally difficult.

...and why this is a bioweapon.
"We are very concerned," he said in an interview. "It is alarming because polio does not respect borders. As long as the polio virus is present in any one country, it can spread to the rest of the world. The potential ramifications of this are quite serious."

India has already reinfected a number of other countries, where the disease had already been eradicated, with the polio virus.

While it may be small in global terms, the region of India affected by the outbreak is vast and densely populated. There are about 40 million children under 5 years old in Uttar Pradesh who need to be vaccinated in each round of the program, and 500,000 more are born every month.

"India is now responsible for most of the exported cases of the virus in the world today. Five countries have major outbreaks of polio and all those countries were infected by the Indian virus - Nepal, Bangladesh, Angola, Namibia" and Congo, he said. "The fear is that with the large amount of travel from India, that the disease will spread further."
They make all sorts of excuses, but they completely ignore the 800# gorilla in the room. Not like it is a big secret. Heck, look at the photo above right that came with the article. That isn't your traditional Hindu outfit, is it? Looks a bit Whabbi, no? Why not a secret? All they had to do was do a little reading from NDTV, UNICEF, SFChron, BBC, and the IANS.
In some rural areas, Muslim clerics tell their brethren to shun the vaccine, calling it evil and part of a conspiracy by the Hindu-dominated government to limit the birth rate of Muslims, India's largest minority. Keegan of the CDC said 90 per cent of new polio cases were in the majority Muslim state of Andhra Pradesh.
The majority of children affected by polio continues to be Muslim, and under the age of two.
Nearly two years after radical Islamic preachers told parents to refuse to have their children vaccinated against polio for fear it was part of a U.S. plot against Muslims, the repercussions are still being felt: A Nigerian strain of the virus that causes the crippling disease has cropped up as far away as Indonesia.
The Muslim minority account for 70% of new infections here.

Many have rejected the polio vaccine, wary of government motives in this Hindu-dominated state.
A Muslim man has divorced his wife for administering polio drops to their son in a West Bengal village because of superstition that the vaccine could render the baby impotent.

The false notion, widespread among the Muslim populace in the rural belts, has caused thousands of parents to keep their children away from government efforts to eradicate the crippling disease.

Health officials fear that "punishments" like divorce for cooperating with polio officials may make it all the more difficult to convince Muslim mothers to vaccinate their babies against polio.
Sure, ignorance and poverty have a lot to do with it, but it is the ranting and support of Imans that is driving this. There are a lot of ignorant and poor Hindus in India - and they don't have this problem. If you expect the complete story from the MSM, especially the NYT family and the story might make Muslims or Islam look ignorant and backwards, you are a fool.

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