Saturday, August 19, 2006

Let it blow you to freedom

Make no mistake, this is as critical as DDG-1000, FCS, or the F-22A. One area where we are doing better, but are WAY behind the Europeans.
U.S. wind energy installations now exceed 10,000 megawatts (MW) in generating capacity, and produce enough electricity on a typical day to power the equivalent of over 2.5 million homes, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) announced today. A megawatt of wind power generates enough to serve 250 to 300 average homes.
* Today’s 10,000 MW of wind power saves about 0.6 billion cubic feet per day (bcf/day), or about 3.5% of the natural gas used nationwide to generate electricity.

* Domestic, inexhaustible energy source: America’s wind resource potential is vast--theoretically more than twice enough to meet current U.S. electricity supply. President Bush said earlier this year that wind could meet 20% of the country’s electricity supply (the share that nuclear power provides today).

All Americans should vacation in Northern Europe sometime. Germany, Denmark, Netherlands. They have windmills all over the place. You get used to it real fast, and soon you realize that every spinning tower up there means less money going to the 8th Century loving Theocrats in Iran and Saudi Arabia where that money is folded back into AQ, Taliban and their ilk. Even worse, that money is used to destroy the modern Islmanic traditions from Indonesia to Britain that were not a threat to anyone.

Think of the economy of scale if the US would take the step in the correct direction WRT wind power. The opportunities are vast. So, like the nay-sayers put out there "It would only supply 7-10% is true. So, 10% more from wind, another 10% from nuclear, 10% from E85/biomas/solar/etc.... and before you know look what happens to the need to import oil. I didn't even start about coal.....

Start off Teddy's vacation villa in Nantucket, then the Eastern Shore, then the mid-west where the real wind power source is.

Would you pay another $30 a month to know that you are not putting money in the hands of those who want to kill you? I am.

Hat tip Jawa.

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