Sunday, January 23, 2005

Too bad the Army got hold of you first…..

What is an Army guy doing in a quasi-Navy focused blog……well….because, as Klye would say, that kicks ass.

1Lt. Prakash just about fills the bill on the Phibian's cool things about America's military that drives the Moonbat Left nuts:
1. He comes from a well to do (everyone but him is a MD) family.
2. He is highly educated (went to Johns Hopkins University).
3. He isn't a Southerner (raised in Syracuse) - NB: No one is perfect, wish he grew up in Charleston, but being a Southerner I will say that any family worth a salt would be happy to have him as a son-in-law, take duck hunting, and share a pecan pie with.
4. He loves his country.
5. He is an immigrant (born in India).
6. He chose to do this.
7. He has no problem smiling after killing a metri-butt-ton of the enemy.

8. He is a blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A hearty "Bravo Zulu" from the Phibian. Now, everyone read the story about his Silver Star, go visit 1Lt. Prakash's blog Armor Geddon, and thank the Lord we have such men as these.

I just wish he wanted to be a S.E.A.L., but they don't have cool hats and spurs......except on liberty.

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