Monday, January 03, 2005

Col. Sam Gardiner: Everyone is a liar but me.

Oh no. Not another one. AirFarce again. Sigh. Another House Colonel for the Moonbat Left.

Everyone, meet Col. Gardiner.

At first glance, he looks respectful. He has taught strategy and military operations at the National War College, AirWar College, and Naval War College. He was recently a visiting scholar at the Swedish Defense College. You start to wonder though when his own Papers start to brag that he is a regular on NPR, BBC, and the LA Times. Mmmmmm.

Did I just type Swedish War College? Ehhhh?

Just when you thought he was gone, he is back. This time his take is
'Everyone should be as pouty as I am.'
"I am amazed that it is not greater," says retired Air Force Col. Sam Gardiner. "The war continues to go badly. Their equipment is in bad shape. Supply problems continue. Tours are extended. Many are on a second or third deployment to a combat zone. I would expect a louder voice."

No Colonel, not everyone enjoys a good bitch-fest like you. We have a war to fight, sir.

Impressed? Well I'm not. I guess this is his new line of attack being that his previous one of "Lies, lies" didn't get him the book deal he wanted.

Oh, lets review. His "Lies, lies" Opus follows. Perhaps, but with pompous-ass title of
“Truth From These Podia” that states,
“I thought about calling it ‘Apparatus of Lies’…”
it just becomes way too much. Maybe we shouldn't, but why not. You just want to say, Colonel, we are at war; a war like no other we have fought. Look where you are expending your professional ammunition, your: nation’s; military.


Read it if you like, but I can give you the knee-board summary,
in audio format.

Oh, sorry. That was Police Detective Thorn.

Sam’s take is more like “Everyone lied. Everyone but me lies!!! It’s all lies!!! Lies!!!

But wait, there is more. They like him a lot at
The Left Coaster, Democracy Now, and of course our friends at Al Jazeerah.

I’m willing to cut the good Colonel a break, but geeee wizzzzz, enough of the bitter-boy Monday morning quarterbacking. Not everyone makes Flag buddy, and no one is perfect. To expect perfection out of others when you don’t have it yourself is the peak of hypocrisy. Attacking your country while it is engaged in war is another word.

To quote him on one of his little
NPR interviews:
“Let’s not have casualties. Let’s hope this thing somehow finds a solution. I don’t hear anybody with a solution.”

Well, I don’t hear one from you. Either offer solutions, or shut up and wait for victory. You know the history of war, and you know that your words are a comfort to those that would do our country harm. I wish you would focus your expertise on ways to attack and destroy the enemy, not make a living out of doing the same to those that are trying to win on your behalf.

Balance sir, balance. You don’t have it.

Col. Sam Gardiner, U.S. AirFarce (Ret.), congratulations, you are the next addition to the Wall of Shame.

Hat tip
Bunker Mulligan.

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