Saturday, January 29, 2005

Generation "X" and "Y" go to war-The Movie

Gunner Palace is the name of the movie (documentary really, no actors-The Reality Show). Don't know the spin, if any, but the trailers look like what you would get if you had a camera follow you around for a year of combat.

Having not seen the movie, I get the feeling that it will bring home the truth that the folks in body armor, aircraft, ships, and at the front gate of your neighborhood military base are the kids your children grew up with, the high school party kids you yelled at last year, or the friend from your youth you have not seen in 20yrs.

I hope this brings honor to the soldiers, it looks like it will. Remember the Soldiers on the cover of Time last year as the "Persons of the Year" or such? Well, this is (by chance) their unit, the 2/3 FA, an artillery unit from Germany. Looks like they did a quick infantry upgrade.

It has been a concern of mine for awhile that Hollywierd has not made any effort to tell the story of this Global War. From early on there have been many opportunities, heck the cavalry charge in the start of the Afghanistan operation would make a great movie. But I think we all know why; Hollywierd does not like putting a good light on the military. Our hope is for Indy films like this. Again, I am assuming this brings honor and isn't a Michael Moore like creative edit. Heck, if someone followed my life through the Brit Club in Diego Garcia, liberty in Souda Bay and Palma, it wouldn't look pretty.

BTW, they are making a movie of the FAILED (why not the follow up victory) seige and storming of Falluja with, wait for it, wait for it, Harrison Ford playing Major General Mattis.

BAAAAWAAAHHAAAHAHAAA!!! I know the good General and have had the honor of serving with him during OEF-A, and Mr. Ford, you ain't it. You are too tall, too pretty, too smooth, and your balls are WAY too small. I don't think there is a Hollywierd actor that is fit to carry General Mattis's laundry bag. What a hoot. On a serious note, if you look at the politics and past of the owners of the movie and its major players, don't hold your breath that this will bring glory to the USA. I'm not.

Anyway, check out Gunner Palace and watch the trailers.



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